When and Why Should You Return Your Beer

Similar to any type of drink, beer contains a limited shelf life as well. If it exceeds the expected life span, it turns bad. In normal conditions, craft beer mostly loses its authentic taste when it’s stored at room temperature for some time. Beer specialists claim that the quality of beers begins to diminish once it leaves the manufacturing plant. But, you can possibly improve its shelf life if you maintain optimal surroundings, such as a cold store.

Poor draught systems and poor storage practices can simply reduce any beer’s quality. Because of this, retailers or distributors make sure that their beers are kept in a safe environment. This way, they can offer high-quality beers to their clients. To further discuss this matter, we will list down the tips to identify quality beer and when you need to return the beer you ordered to the shop:

How do beers lose their quality?

An improper storage facility is among the typical reason that can adversely affect the beer’s taste. Beer pros recommend that beers must be kept in less than 40°F. If you try to store beer beyond this recommended temperature level, you’re only increasing the risk of damaging its taste. 

Moreover, it is essential to regulate a particular temperature for beer serving. That’s why nobody would serve you a warm beer. Hence, you need to request for a glass of beer with the right temperature that’s certainly less than the room temperature. Although, you must know that extremely cold beers can only limit or even stop the buildup of other compounds that give off-flavor and aroma for the beverage. 

Moreover, beers that are served from a polluted draught line are also among the signs that indicate that you must return it. When the owner fails to maintain their drought system, then the bacteria that cause beers to be spoiled can only make your beer lose its authentic taste.

What should you do if you’re served with a bad beer?

Regardless if where you’re buying your beer—a retail shop, a restaurant, or an online liquor store—the seller is mainly responsible to serve you only the greatest beer quality. 

But, once you notice that you’ve been served a bad beer at a restaurant, bar, or a retail store, it would be best to notify the seller about your concern and send the beer back to them. Even if you’re unsure whether the seller will take your purchases beer back, it must be done and there’s no harm in trying. Because of this, it’s really important to be knowledgeable about this matter for you to know which beer is still of high quality and not.

Buy beer from a trusted agency

If you’re worried about the beer’s quality, then you should only consider buying alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, bourbon liquor, and more from a reputable beer manufacturer and agency. If you do this, you can guarantee that you’ll only get the freshest drink ever.