About Us

Growing up in Philadelphia, Kerry Ann Smith found a love of art at a young age; however, it wasn’t until college that she discovered her talent for face painting. After earning her BFA in Art Education, Kerry Ann decided that starting her own company, About Face II, would help her achieve her life goal: making people happy through art. In the Fall of 2011, About Face II is taking things a step further by introducing the Never Ending Smile Project. This commitment allows About Face II’s clients to share in our commitment to children and the community.

Since 2004, About Face II has grown into one of the Philadelphia area’s most recognizable entertainment companies because it provides services not only to private events, but the largest parties in town: the games of the Philadelphia Phillies and Flyers. With a focus on professionalism and a desire for the highest quality entertainment,  About Face II is exactly what Kerry Ann envisioned when she began dreaming about it seven years ago: a company comprised of numerous types of artists that satisfies any need a party could have.  From balloon twisting to FX make up, About Face II is the preeminent source for the highest quality entertainment in the Philadelphia region. All of these artists have completed training in both their specific profession and professionalism, and they come prepared to make your event unforgettable.

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Call or email About Face II so we can make your next event the absolute best it can be.  And remember… everything washes off but the smile!